Wheel Repair

Restore, Repair or Refinish Your Wheels In Dallas & Marietta

Searching online for “wheel repair near me?” Whether you need alloy wheel repair specialists or you need aluminum wheel repair services, Finish Pros Auto Painting & Collision is the best choice in Dallas and Marietta. Learn more about our services below, or contact us at 770-966-2845 to book an appointment.

Common Causes Of Wheel Damage 

Over time, it’s very common for your wheels to get dinged up and damaged. “Curb rash” is often one of the main causes of this. Your wheels may scrape against a curb when parallel parking, which can ruin their finish and scrape away some of the metal.

Even when driving normally, you may run over gravel, pebbles and other road debris that dings your wheels, causing small marks and scratches that can make your wheels look worn down. 

Over time, it’s also quite common for the clear coat and finish of your aluminum or alloy wheel to begin wearing down due to exposure to the elements. It may begin to flake off, making your wheels look less appealing and creating a higher risk of corrosion. 

No matter the cause of the damage, a scratched or banged-up wheel can make your car look less appealing. Even minor wheel damage can also contribute to corrosion and premature wear.

Alloy Wheel Repair & Aluminum Wheel Repair & Refinishing

At Finish Pros Auto Painting & Collision, we specialize in aluminum and alloy wheel repair and refinishing. We can buff and polish your wheels to remove scratches and curb rash, and refinish them with a clear coat to protect the underlying aluminum from further damage and corrosion.

Not only that, but we also offer wheel painting services. If you’re interested in repairing your wheels and repainting them, we’re the best choice in Dallas and Marietta. A new coat of paint on your wheels will help them look brand new, and is a great way to express yourself.

We handle jobs of all sizes. Whether you need a single wheel to be repaired, or you need extensive refinishing and painting of all four of your vehicle’s wheels, our team of paint pros is always here to help.

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Whether you’ve been looking for “alloy wheel repair near me” or “aluminum wheel repair near me,” your search is over. At Finish Pros, we specialize in alloy wheel repair and refinishing. 

From repairing “curb rash,” to refinishing and repainting your wheels to completely change the look of your vehicle, our team is always standing by to help. Give us a call at 770-966-2845 to get started.