Auto Painting

Keep Your Car Looking Brand New!

Whether you have an older vehicle with peeling paint, a car that’s had a lot of dings, scratches, and dents, or your vehicle has been involved in a collision or auto accident, Finish Pros Auto Paint is here to help. So stop looking for “auto painting near me,” and come into our shop for a consultation today. 

Our Approach To Auto Painting – Top Quality, Guaranteed

When we work with your vehicle, we will treat it with the utmost care. We start by cleaning your car’s surfaces and removing dirt, grease, and other contaminants. Then, we’ll sand and prepare the paint to expose the metal or plastic and provide a stronghold for a layer of primer.

Next, your primer will be applied, and the surface will be prepared for paint. We use computerized color-matching to ensure that we mix the perfect automotive paint for your vehicle. We’ll apply a layer of paint, then finish the job with a durable clear coat that will protect your new paint job. The result is a vehicle that looks like it has just rolled off the factory floor for the first time!

The Benefits Of Repainting Your Car

Why should you bother repainting your car with Finish Pros Auto Paint? Here are a few reasons that it’s a good idea.

  • Enhance its value – Cosmetic damage to your car can seriously impact its resale value. If you repaint your car to a factory-standard finish, you’re sure to enhance its value. 
  • Protect against rust and damage – Scratches and dings that reach through your car’s protective paint, clear coat, and primer and reach the metal cause a higher risk of rust and further damage to your vehicle.
  • Feel great about your vehicle again – You can drive your car and feel great about how it looks, instead of feeling self-conscious about chips, dings, scratches, peeling paint, or body damage. 

Why Choose Finish Pros Auto Paint? 

Why choose us for auto paint service? Here are just a few of the best reasons.

  • Years of experience – Our team has been working in the auto body and painting industry for years. We have the expertise, equipment, and qualifications to work on any vehicle and provide excellent results.
  • Affordable rates – Our goal is to offer auto body and paint services that are affordable in Marietta and Dallas, GA. We provide you with reasonable, affordable, up-front pricing.
  • Highest-quality paints & products – We offer factory finish basecoat and clear coat services, and we use only the highest-quality, OEM grade auto paint. If you need an auto paint service near you that offers the best results, we’re the top option. 

Contact Finish Pros Auto Paint Now To Get Started!

At our auto body paint shop, we’ll restore your vehicle whether it’s experienced wear & tear, has been in an accident or needs repainting for any other reason.